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Design for Modern Manufacturing

3D modeling capabilities allow us to work on your machinery or products and convey a 3D model, exploded views and 2D drawings.

3D modeling can be completed for anything at any scale

Simple 3D computer models can be generated in a few minutes.  Adding a few details is also simple but adding much detail can be time consuming.  It all depends on the goals and budget for the project.  

In the first picture, cutting the right and left hand threads on the shaft and creating the geometry for the sprocket required an entire day.  The other models were all completed in less than an hour each.

Load Bearing Bracket

click picture for more detail

6" x 2" mixing nozzle

3D sculpted ductwork

click picture for more detail

200' x 250' industrial tank farm with 40' diameter x 45' tall tanks

industrial equipment

60 mm shaft with 4" sprocket

4' wide x 12' long wooden structure for dock walkway

60' x 40' house floor plan with roof suspended above

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