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Case Study 1

Kaltech completed an evaluation of unpredictable reliability and extreme variation in annual maintenance repair and replacement costs.   The framework applicable to thei sproject appears to the right.

The client had suspicions

Eight years of cost data was evaluated by building a mathmatical model.  Variations in costs for each individual piece of equipment were statisticallly evaluated for extreme highs or extreme deviations from the average.  The model quickly identified the individual pieces of equipment that required further investigation.  

The results saved $$$$$

By understanding the idiosyncracies of each "bad actor" some common themes were identified.  Recommendations were made to increase monitoring, eliminate low value activities, and standardize the approach for Preventative Maintenance.  The chart to the right indicates that the wide variations in annual spending ranged from ~$500k to $1.8M (blue bars on chart to right) before the project to $500k to ~$1 M (yellow bars on chart to the right) after the project.    

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