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Save 1.5 Megawatts and $1 million annually forever

Using a mathmatical simulation to reflect efficiency loss of a a piece of equipment identified some opportunity to optimize. 

Loss of Efficiency

The graph to the left indicates that the equipment started losing efficiency immediately after each rebuild.  The magenta and dark blue lines are for stage 1 and stage 2.  The yellow line was for the complete system.  The investigation into the reasons for the lost efficiency revealed that various build-ups of various materials were creating a layer of debris on the equipment that prevented maximum airflow.  

The project saved 1.5MW valued in excess of $1Million per year

The dark blue line represents a mathmatical model of the historical data.  The project was justified economically based on the magenta line.   By implementing the latest technology, the actual project delivered better than expected results.  The light blue actual graph and trendline indicated insignificant efficiency lost after 9 months of operation.  

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