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This gallery (to the right) includes projects where we held a significant position as lead mechanical engineer or project manager.  

This sidebar includes some of the more interesting things done with very short durations:

  • Design repair for a melted and distorted downcomer
  • Design a tilting runner with hydraulic cylinder drive and pneumatic backup to divert molten iron
  • Rerate atmospheric tanks and upgrade to low pressure
  • Respond to Jet fire
  • Respond to tipped crane
  • Hurricane Preparations
  • Boiler and Heat Exchanger Repair/ Re-tubing
  • Manufacturing or modifying parts where none existed
  • Raise fleet efficiency above 100 requiring re-set to baseline
  • Implemented Project Management Process to scale team to 10x 

Here's part of our history

In past times, fine coal particles burn more efficiently than larger chunks.  Handling solid powder has many nuances for operability and safety.  Dry dust has been known to plug the system and if not handled properly , it can explode.  Some of today's additive manufacturing processes require powder as a raw material.

ASME is developing a new standard for the storage of bulk solids.  Our effort to draft sections as well as review and comment on other sections has been included in this work.

Similarly, we proposed many improvements to the American Petroleum Institute's Refinery Equipment Standards and had the honor to be a voting member of this committee.

If you know what this is, you know that it could be almost a century old.  Please ask us about cost effective restoration of mature equipment. 

Processing hazardous and environmentally sensitive materials falls in our experience.  This assignment was 1 of 3 other sites building exact copies.  With a few well documented whitepapers, our system was the only one to not cause an injury, environmental permit excursion, or require a fabrication factory production stop. 

Back in the days of Acid Rain, electric generating stations had the option to scrub their flue gases or purchase credits.  Our designs were used at 2 facilities.  To capture carbon dioxide in the vent exhaust of a hydrocarbon based generating station would require similar intervention. 

Building from scratch or converting an existing building, our experience includes climate control, uninterrupted power, building security, and on-site construction management. 

We have some industrial equipment patents and also agricultural equipment patent under development

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