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Implementation of MBSE

How to start your firm down the path of using MBSE in existing organizations.

MBSE (Model Based System Engineering) is the modern application of tools and methods to blend engineering projects with the latest digital technology. Every industry can benefit from AI (artificial intelligence), modeling, big data, digital twins, additive manufacturing, generative design, and many other technological advances It is not very difficult to spend some time searching and scrolling through the internet to see how fast technological advances are altering the future of our world. Those firms that fail to keep up with technology may be overtaken by their competitors.

The Continuum and Mature Users

There is a continuum of firms that are already realizing the benefits of MBSE At one end re mature users and at the other end, firms that have limited knowledge of MBSE and many of the enabling technologies. Boeing  and NASA would be considered leading firms on the leading edge of MBSE. They have evolved to their own system which has very very brief introduction at this link: 

Boeing MBSE Diamond. The Boeing MBSE is a several decades long evolution with significant investment in tools and training.

NASA implementation of MBSE guidance

US Air Force MBSE guidance

Siemans Software recommended steps

INCOSE journey

The rest of us

If you are on the other end of the continuum will little knowledge of MBSE, do not despair. This paper proposes some ideas to start you down the path to realize the benefits of systematically implementing the latest technology.

Option 1- Duplicate what others are doing

The early adopters of MBSE have invested large sums of money for software tools, training, and recruiting experienced practitioners. Firms contemplating adoption of MBSE will face decisions that could involve a rather large investment to bring all the tools and techniques to their firm as a major strategic program that requires capital (computers/software), staff resources, recruiting, and training. A well thought out project/program management plan will be crucial for measuring success. The two largest hurdles to overcome will be Scarcity and Cost.

  • Scarcity in MBSE Staffing/ Supervision-ASME’s Mechanical Engineering Magazine included an article (click link to read article) with the topic of convergence of industry and academia to prepare for industry 4.0.   As with most disciplines there is likely to a be a shortage in each graduating cadre to fill all open positions. Also, the correct person to supervise these fresh graduates would have a good understanding of what they know (systems engineering skills) along with what they will need to be successful in their new position. 
  • High Cost of MBSE Software and Training-Fresh graduates in MBSE will have been exposed and have competency with the latest software technologies to support MBSE. For maximum productivity, the firms offering employment would be prudent to have software. Here is a starting point to see what users are saying about the latest and greatest tools

Option 2 – Alternate Proposal for MBSE implementation

Although the term MBSE may be new to you, there is still a high probability that you are already doing some things (either tools or practices) that fall within the realm of MBSE. Taking a short time to evaluate current processes, problem solving, projects or initiatives could provide a baseline on things any organization is already doing and already aligns with MBSE techniques. Kaleidoscope Technical has completed several case studies that show how MBSE has been utilized to holistically evaluate undesirable conditions (failed equipment, unpredictable costs, excess utility consumption, etc.) and make improvements that directly improve safety, reliability, or efficiency that all translate to increased profitability.     

Read on to see some real -world applications.  Click here to see our recommended approach.

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