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Senior Advisor-Mechanical Engineering

Jeff Rehrig has made a career from working with engineers at all levels and adding value to the business as well as developing knowledge capability within the organization.

Our Goal

Complete your project accurately and on time while transferring knowledge capability to your staff


Fitness-For-Service Evaluations

Many times mature equipment is taken out of service and replaced.  In some instances the operation continues with some unknown level of risk.  Our experience with API and ASME Codes can eliminate the risk.

Pipe Stress Analysis

All of the software packages in our tool kit can handle ASME B31.1 Power Piping; B31.3 Process Piping; or B31.8 Natural Gas Distribution and Transmission Piping.

Machine & Parts Design

3D modeling capabilities allow us to work on your machinery or products and convey a 3D model, exploded views and 2D drawings.


Challenges can arise at anytime.  Let us help you face them with creative solutions.  Above can be seen a thermal image which can be used to detect leaks and loose bolts.  We also have experience retrofitting equipment with wireless sensors to gather data and improve both safety and reliability.

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