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Mechanical Engineering Article on Manufacturing and Academndustry 4.0 

Jeff Rehrig- Clemson student in MBSE- link in progress- to be published soon

What is MBSE?

INCOSE defines MBSE as “Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is the formalized application of modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification and validation activities beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later life cycle phases.” In practice, System Modeling  Language (SysML) based models have gained the most prevelance in MBSE application. These models are system relationship models and are useful for showing relationships among system functions, requirements, developers, and users. These models support 3 aspects of systems engineering:

  • System Functional Structure
  • System Requirements Traceability
  • System and Organizational Behavioral  Relationships 

Why  should MBSE concern us?

Firms that can implement technological advances effectively can build a competitive advantage in their industry.   Industry 4.0 provides access to Artifical Intelligence, Computer Simulation, processing Big Data,  3D printing with generative design, Internet of Things, and many other opportunities

You should ask yourself, "What are others doing/ How can I implement MBSE?"

MBSE (Model Based System Engineering) is the modern application of tools and methods to blend engineering projects with the latest digital technology. Every industry can benefit from AI (artificial intelligence), modeling, big data, digital twins, additive manufacturing, generative design, and many other technological advances It is not very difficult to spend some time searching and scrolling through the internet to see how fast technological advances are altering the future of our world. Those firms that fail to keep up with technology may be overtaken by their competitors.

The Continuum and Mature Users

There is a continuum of firms that are already realizing the benefits of MBSE At one end re mature users and at the other end, firms that have limited knowledge of MBSE and many of the enbling technologies. Boeing would be considered one of the firms considered to be a mature user of MBSE. They have evolved to their own system known as the MBSE diamond which has very brief introduction at this link:   Boeing MBSE Diamond. The Boeing MBSE is a several decades long evolution with significant investment in tools and training.

The rest of us

If you are on the other end of the continuum will little knowledge of MBSE, do not despair. This paper proposes some ideas to start you down the path to evaluate the opportunity of implementing MBSE and the potential benefits of systematically implementing the latest technology.  

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