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Replacement Equipment presents many opportunities

Why is the equipment being replaced?  We have experiencing re-using 100 year old vessels and structures and bringing them up to modern Code.  some equipment becomes obsolete when replacement parts are no longer manufactured.  No matter the situation, considering the investment and total lifecycle costs can result in increased profits by optimizing and taking advantage of modern technology. 

Retrofit Instruments

Mature equipment presents new challenges.  Many time, the decision to replace is taken as the only choice.  However, it is also possible to retrofit modern sensors and wireless technology to increase oversight.  The sensors can detect issues and allow safe shutdown prior to an extreme failure.  The graph above shows a leak initiating in a reactor iniated a few hours before the reactor had to be shut down.

Learn from Past mistakes

A known area for heat exchanger failure is at the tube to tube sheet junction as indicated by dye penetrant indications in the picture above.  Revising , upgrading or adding additional requirments to the standard specifications can alleviate future issues.

Take advantage of additive manufacturing

Tolerances and precision can be improved but the largest benefit  of 3D printing is perhaps  elimination of scrap and weight savings.  Both of these reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint.  Lighter parts made of modern materials can further maximize your profits. and increase your visibility as an environmentally conscious company. 

Save money by procurement in low cost geographies

Capital equipment can be procured in low cost geographies without sacrificing quality.  2009 was our first direct experience with buying capital equipment ifabricated from exotic alloys n Asia.  Those pieces of equipment are still in operation without any failures or loss of production interuptions. 

Use data driven decisions

Understand all of your data to focus on the best return on investment.


We have some patents pending so stay tuned here for future news

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