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Projects should be an exciting time with the promise of building something to fulfill a future expansion or long held dream.  We have cumulative 70+ years of construction project experience from residential remodels to Mega projects.

Owners Representative

Many construction projects are for owners that have other competencies.  We have the expertise to assist your project as another set of eyes with the end goal being a stress-free completion of an asset you will be proud to own.  We can spend as much time as needed to validate progress and budget alignment.

Construction  Management

Larger, multi-site or complex projects seldom go exactly as planned.  We have the expertise to keep all the pieces moving in harmony toward the end goal.  We will provide an unbiased opinion with your best interest in mind to assist with juggling the scope, schedule, and  budget.  

Discovery Work

During remodel or renovation projects,  surprises are sometimes encountered.  A fast resolution is required to keep the project on track.  We have the ability to evaluate the situation and develop multiple options for the team to consider.  With input from the contractor and design professional, we can make a recommendation and mitigate potential negative impact on the schedule and budget.

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