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Be Systematic

To the right is a generic model for approaching issues encountered in an operating manufacturing facility. This model is not all inclusive but the beauty of MBSE is that the model is never locked, and this skeleton can have features added or deleted to suit the current subjects being improved. For example, Operations includes the topic of “control logic”. For many applications, this would involve a human intervention, however, networks of sensors/ instruments and programmed logic are very prevalent. This branch can be expanded several levels to incorporate the relevant aspects that suit the problem being solved.

Click Below to See How this model was used in Case Studies:

Case Study 1- Improving Reliability and Reducing Maintenance Costs

Case Study 2- Reducing Greenhouse gases and saving > $1Miillion per year

Case Study 3- Reducing Risk and Monitoring End of Life Equipment

Awareness- link what you already do to MBSE

Most going concerns have technology and use it wisely.  It does not take much effort to evaluate this existing capability of your buiness and see how it fits with MBSE.  The goal is to gradually build MBSE mentality into the staff and philosophy of day- to- day decision making.  Any gaps can be evaluated and filled from within the organization and with minimal investment. .

Eventually, a deeper understanding of MBSE will be established without investment of capital funds.  The benefits of MBSE will  become apparent and the desire to expand MBSE tools and techniques reaches a tipping point.  Kaleidoscope Technical is developing a "MBSE readiness evaluation tool" to acquire a deeper understanding of the gaps where additional effort and capital may be required as well as topics that already align with MBSE.

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