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Common Equipment or "One-of-a-Kind"

The breath of experience has allowed us to work on the very old and the very new.  Common equipment ( such as pumps , heat exchangers, compressors) as well as proprietary specialized equipment is within our expertise.

Fitness for Service Evaluations

How old are these flanges with a visible crack on the raised face?  Code compliance is mandatory for safe operations and corrosion can accelerate over time.  Extending the life of aging equipment prevents capital expense and interruptions to production.

Reduce Operating Expense

Here is a graph where the dark blue line indicates a piece of equipment lost 6% efficiency in the first two weeks after a rebuild and continued to loose 10% efficiency.  The magenta line was a commitment to not loose more than 2% efficiency.  The yellow line indicates that after 281 days, the recommendations resulted in no measurable loose of efficency.  This was on a 20,000 HP compressor and the cost savings were valued in excess of $!  Million

Rectify Chronic Problems

Here is a picture of a flanged that leaked for 3 decades.  Our engineer was able to alter the torque value and make a subtle change to the gasket and the flange has not leaked for 4 years since the recommendations were implemented.  For very little money the flange leak was rectified resulting in tremendous cost and safety improvements for the plant.

Reduce Maintenance Expense

Many Preventative Maintenance (PMs) programs are very complex and incorporate much of the latest thinking.  Over the decades,, they become onerous and include low value added activities.  The graph represents a 12 year cost trend,  The first years were historical before Kaltech involvement.  the last three years reflect the 66% cost savings veing expereinced after our involvement 

Respond to Catastrophe

Kaltech Staff have responded to many industrial incidents.  We were the team lead to rectify: 

  • catastrophic failure of  turbine blades due to stall
  • catastrophic failure of a 20,000 propane compressor due to excess piping loads
  • Fire as a result of failure of a 4000 HP agitator failure due to improper lubrication and instrumentation

Improve Reliability

Our experience includes understanding all the factors contributing to  equipment failure.   Through improved specifications, improved equipment monitoring, and general awareness, our method has reduced reliability issues and avoided in excess of $60 Million in annual production losses

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